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Our Last Week: Oviedo > Segovia > Madrid > USA

Hola Hola! Although it may seem like a lifetime ago, it was only last week that we found ourselves saying goodbye to the host families who had shared their homes with our students for 6 weeks and on our way to our final IUHPFL Oviedo 2018 excursions in Segovia and Madrid. Let’s go in order: Wednesday morning started with our final goodbye’s between the students and their host families. Although sad, this is one of my favorite parts of the program, not because we’re leaving, but because it’s when the students realize how much they have gained, only because they have to say goodbye to it. They have gained life-long memories and relationships with their host families, immediate and extended, with their host brothers and sisters, and from these relationships they have grown. Here are some photos of this special moment: Day 1 The drive out of Oviedo was