Farewell show, complete videos!

Hi all! This will be the final post for IUHPFL Oviedo 2019 - thanks for reading! I've uploaded our recording of the farewell show below. There are two videos, each ~30 minutes long. To all the students: we hope you've had a chance to rest up a little before starting school again. Have a great year!!

Last day in España

A few pictures from our day in Madrid -- admittedly, I didn't get as many pictures here as I'd hoped to. My apologies! I'm sure your students have a bunch though. Be sure to scroll through this blog and see the other posts I've made this morning (final day at Padre Ossó, farewell show, Segovia), and I'll do my best to upload the video of the farewell show in the coming days. Last thing, on behalf of the 4 instructors...THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing us to spend a summer with these students! We love them all very much and are so grateful to have had this chance to get to know them. They are all so smart and fun, we will miss them! Waiting to get on the metro At the Reina Sofía museum At the Retiro Park Waiting to enter the Royal Palace

Leaving Oviedo, a quick trip to Segovia

Here are a few pictures of us saying goodbye to our host families and visiting Segovia -- it was a long day, but so fun! Acueducto de Segovia On top of the Alcázar it was hot Saying goodbye to our host families...lots of hugs!!